Producer Mondays

Ray Angry & The Council of Goldfinger


Producer Mondays is an open forum for creatives that allows for both a musical and spiritual release through improvisation. Both legendary musicians and up and coming artists share the stage and together they manifest
an electric sound and vibe that is truly magical. Percussions, drums, keys, strings, horns, vocals, claps, stomps, all combine and give birth to an organically harmonious musical symphony.
There’s only one rule: No Cover Songs!

 ONE RULE: No Cover Songs!

The brainchild of Creative Director, Ray Angry, Producer Mondays challenges artists to trust their musical intuitions and dive into creating original music on the spot. It is an ode to the original jazz jam session of the 1920 Harlem Renaissance and a celebration of the evolution of the new age sounds of today. Producer Mondays is a unique musical space that shares the essence of live music in a different way—an authentic and soul filling type of way that guarantees audiences a musical vibration like never before!


 everyone to trust their first instinct when playing, singing, and creating. What comes from their heart and gut is the foundation of the artistic plane that evolves on stage and
magically connects the musicians and the audience to each other.

The Flyers that helped install the  vibe at Producer Mondays:

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